Chapter 1

Before this gets started you must understand that this story will be told through 1st person. Enjoy!

Well here I am, in my dojo getting ready for class. We have a small class, about five people and our sensei. This is my first day so I'm kinda nervous, I hope I don't blow it and do something stupid. Lets see here, there are three guys and two girls from what I can tell.

I never really saw the teacher. I got an e-mail from my friend that said that I would start class today. So your guess is as good as mine who he is.

While I was stretching a guy stood up and yelled out "ok everyone line up!" So I got up and went to the back of the line. Man back of the line, I always hated going to the back of the line because noone can see you do stuff.

"Opening excersises!!" suddently everyone started to squat into a stance so of couse so did I.

Thats when the teacher walked in. "Everyone turned to to back!" "Pay respects!" everyone bows. Well there were two of them one a man and one a woman so at first I expected nothing. Thats when it happened...

The woman went to the front of the class and yelled "Everyone continue training!" "Yes sensei!" My mind went blank for a second then stupidly I bleeped out "Wait a second, the teachers a woman?!?"

"Well well well...looks like we have a new addition to the family. Will you please come to the front of the class?"

"Yes ma'am." I walked slowly to the front hearing small snickers and giggles while getting there.

"Introduce yourself"

"Uhhh... my name is Yosuke Ohira."

I looked around, everyone was laughing which was expected. Then I looked back at the teacher, thats when I noticed something. My sensei is freaking hot!!

"Yosuke, you can take your seat now."

"Yes sensei....." Wow...

"You can...go now..."

"Yes sensei....." She is really pretty...

"Is there a problem Yosuke?"

"No sensei....." Just wondering what the children will look like...

" can take your seat"

"Yes sensei." I walk back to the back of the line. Man did I just make myself look like a todal idiot. Now the teacher must think I'm some kind of weirdo or something. "Smooth dude." a girl in front of me said. "If there was an award for the most obvious thing in the world, that would be it."

I try to ignore her and listen to what the sensei was saying.

Halfway through the class the teacher called my name. "I want you to show us your stuff, do a kata of your choosing, ok?"

"Uh...yes ma'am."

I have to admit that I am not bad at doing katas, I did that only one that I could think of and I would have to say that I did pretty good. I was focused, I have great balalnced, I have good technique, I had good speed and did it with power. When I finished I bowed and looked at the teacher to see what she would say.

"That was good. In fact, that was great"

"Thank you sensei." I bowed. Yay! The hot teachersaid that Iwas good!

"Well as you may know, it has always been tradition that I visit new students house and have dinner with them, is that ok?"

I went wide eyed "What did you say?!" What did she say?!

"Yep you don't mind do you?"

"Uhh...of course not." I'm in deep...

"Great I'll come to your house tommarrow about seven, k?"

"Ok, perfect...."

I have no problem with her coming over its just that well...I live by myself and my house isn't exactly...girl approprate. Sigh.

"Ok everyone class is dismissed and I hope you all practice, have a good day and Yosuke..."

"Yes ma'am" Man why does life have to be so difficult?

"See you tomarrow."