Chapter 3

Mimoto Sensei's Point of View

A/N: This chapter will be a little different because it will be told through the point of view of the teacher. Please enjoy this chapter. Oh and also, due to recent changes, I will be the only person working on this story. My friends were too busy doing their own things so this will be written only by me.

Sigh. Here I am the first one in the dojo, they should make a rule that the teacher should be the last one to get here. Well since I'm the first one here, I might as well do some forms. I start with the opening and just jump right into it.

While I'm doing the form, some of the students decide to finally show up. But I must concentrate and finish the form. You know, is it just me or are all those guys staring at me? I mean, sure I'm not bad at doing forms but they are staring at me like some zombies or people that are staring at a million dollars for the first time. Well I shouldn't let that distract me, Must finish the form...

I finish about two minutes later and everyone is giving me a standing ovation. Well, everyone except the girls that seem to be upset at something. I heard one of the girls yelling at the boys to stop acting like they be staring at me? I mean not for the form but actually looking at...ME? No way, must be my imagination or something.

I tell everyone to line up and get ready for some hard training today. I hear some groans and mumbling but that all stops when I give the class a stern look. I tell everyone to pick a partner and prepare for one steps.

"Lets see, Yosuke!!!"

"Yes ma'am!"

"Why haven't you found a partner yet?"

"Well ummm ma'am...I really don't know anyone here so its kind of hard for me to..."

"Nonsense! Lets see..." Oops, sometimes I forget that hes the new guy, and its not making it better that I'm bringing this attention to him.


A woman runs over and bows repeatedly.

"Yes ma'am! What can I do for you?

"Whoa, calm down Yuki, all I want you to do is help Yosuke feel more at ease here and get accustomed to us." Man, she can get waaaaaay to hyper sometimes, but she did seem eager to help young Yosuke. I wonder...

"I'd be delighted ma'am." she says.

Well everything during class seemed normal. Nothing too strange. Except Yosuke and Yuki, looked kinda like Yuki wanted to get a little too close to Yosuke. Well its really none of my business anyways.

Well today was...interesting. Maybe I should stop doing forms during class. Those guys looked like they weren't looking at the form, but something else...

A/N: Sorry for this chapter being so short. Next I will talk about what Yuki and Yosuke did and how each of them reacted to it. Should be fun! Oh and also, I will be be personally answering any questions that you might have about the story. This is so you guys don't get the impression that I'm some kind of robot or something. Well anyway till then, see ya next time!