1Darling, I have blown a soapy bubble that floats into the sunny wind

It will clean us if we climb in blindly and let the world outside rescind

We can lay back in a dreamy stupor and weigh no more than butterfly wings

We'll cross our hearts and link our hands and listen to the angels sing

I will weave you in my web of hope, all we need is isolation

From the words unspoken, caught in throats that hold their own salvation

The oils of the skin will shine in colors you have never tasted

And I will stroke your soul and take back time that we have wasted

There are wars and famines and silent evils that spill in tears below

But if we're in our bubble, babe, I'll float wherever you may go

Your smile is a cover and my greatest victory's your frown

If you cry till our sphere fills up, I'll kiss you as we drown

Come away with me to dormant places, the earth below us sprawls

And if our bubble should fade away, I'll hold you as we fall