A/N: Drabbles about things concerning the Rose series and its characters. If I spoil something in White Rose, I'm terribly sorry. Hope you enjoy....

A Rose's Thorns

Roses are beautiful yes. With their silky petals and fragance, it's no wonder that roses were usually use to show their love for someone.

To a certain someone, roses were dangerous. After all, you can't exactly blame him if an artwork shaped as a rose was the signal of your dismise now can you?

Roses were dangerous and were completely evil. They were to be avoided at all times. Especially those thorns. People get hurt with those things! Roses are the root of all evil!!!!

"What is your favorite flower?"

"I love lilies."

"Carnations if you ask me."

"Irises, lilies, forget-me-nots...a lot of flowers you can say."

"That's a lot Nan...."

A shrug. "Whatever. I can't just like one you know." A bark in argeement.

A sigh. "What about you Destiny?"

"Roses. Especially red and white ones!"

Then again....roses weren't that bad after all. If you get to know them better........