m e r e


Go, my violet child, go where the sunlight runs golden
There you will find the muse of Carnal-Rhapsody
And dedicate these my poor words to her


Albatross breaking on the shores of a darkness sea

Moonspun washes the promised wasteland

Fly to a place of black rock bleeding

Where moss tears fall on hidden light

There will I speak of promises dead

Singing for bones and a broken world

Watch, stranger, the souls that carry burnt fire

Ash of shadows, shadows of ash

Scattered to a gray rainfall

Words of silence and words of sound shatter on this flesh of mist

And we cannot return to tomorrow

Tell me where my raven has flown

Keep me from dead eyes watching me as the damned

There is no enchantment left to call back the beautiful

These dark prayers wrenched by heart only

And lifeless blood drips from silver fingertips

End this war that wages so quiet

Kill my second life

Golden eagles scream in the distance

And the raven turns from me

Black ships sail for this horizon

Shaded purple and the white sand's woe

Stranger, seven days and a hundred after

Look to the waters, listen for what is not

And remember the one who yet waits for an answer

An answer from the farthest shore