you smiled and laughed
(either at me or with me, was there sarcasm implied?)
& showed that sparkling whitish winning smile of yours
it was quite unusual for me I should say
(you were usually blank or you covered your mouth when you laughed
with your closed-fist hand that looked really strong to me)

& all I could do
is wonder if that same hand of yours
would someday share with me the happiness
it has always caught from your lips
or if I could even ever touch it

would I even have the chance
to lace my fingers through yours
or maybe even more,
would you try to catch me
if ever you see me fall?
(cause I always do, actually)

yet, something in me still whispers
"oh well, I know you'll just
probably move it
farther away
from my reaching hand
instead of reaching it out,
wouldn't you?"

(I know you would)