Don't Deny Me This Don't Deny Me This

Please don't deny me this
It is my love my only passion
It gives me peace of mind
If you take that away
I will stumble around blind
It is my world
The door to my soul
These are my dreams
My reason for being at all

Don't deny me this
The reason I live
If you hurt me like this
I will never forgive
Rage will consume me
And burn my insides
I would prefer to die
Than not have it in my life

If you deny me this
I will turn in on myself
I will become a hollow husk
Cowering to a corner I will go
Hiding amongst the flitting shadows
Tears threatening to flow
If you take away this
It will be the lowest of blows

Don't do this to me
It hurts
Can't you see?
Why don't you understand these feelings within me?

Open your eyes
Open your soul
Let somebody in to fill that hole

Don't deny me life
Don't deny me my dreams
If you do this I guarantee
You'll be no better off than me.


A/N: has anyone ever seen Dead Poets Society? If so, remember the really sad scene towards the end regarding father and son? That's where I came up with this. Wow, this turned into a lengthy little poem didn't it? I hope you like this. Make of it what you will. It confuses in some parts but that's kind of the intention. Well, bye now! -sky