He's gone

He's gone

My God, he's gone

But no,



No, he can't be gone

I saw his body

As it crumpled to the ground

I saw his eyes

Silently crying out for help

I saw his blood

Gushing from his torn and twisted throat.

But no,



He can't be gone.

This was the boy I was going to marry

He is the one for me

I will see him tomorrow.

He still loves me

Because he's not dead.

And he'll never die.

So those words from your mouth?


Fucking lies.



He can't be gone

Silence that lying mouth

Lift up that tarp

It's hiding my love

And if you keep it hidden

I can't bring him back.

It'll be just like Sleeping Beauty

Or was it Snow White?

I'll kiss his mouth

Slide my tongue in deep

Fill his body with my love

And you'll see

He can't be gone

I need his arms around me

I need his eyes on mine

I need his voice to comfort my heart

I need his feet to walk with mine

Down every path

I need his shoulder

So please

Stop talking

He can't be gone

He isn't gone


I just can't live without him.