it's begun to rain outside
washing away the words I've lied
I feel empty but okay
no worries for today
you've ruined everything I've ever known
you made me realize all my life I've been alone
I felt weak and like I never had control
I had to cling to you instead of listening to my soul
but you won't be here today
which makes everything okay

for awhile
you made me smile
now I feel like it's all wrong
I don't know why I play along
but the worst of it
you encourage it
send my courage down the drain
I cannot breathe unless it rains
as we prolong the end
so hard to pretend
that there's nothing going on
as you put your shoes back on
the door is open
and I keep hopin'
that this time will be the last
let the present fade to past

TMK 2.11.2006