I'm afraid to say I love you
-because, when said out loud, it seems to hold less worth than in my head-
I'm afraid to say I need you
-being this dependant makes me feel weak inside-
I really do love you...so much sometimes it tears me apart...
I've tried to think about why, why this pain, why this emotion...
But I'm at a loss.
I've truly never felt this way before... and still now, more than a year later
everything still feels new.
Every time you kiss me, my knees go weak like it's the first time.
Every time you gaze into my eyes like I'm the only girl alive....
A fire ignites inside of me, that before you, I never knew existed.
How you look at me... it feels like I'm demoralizing the act by trying to put it into words.
You'd never know how it feels unless you were in my place.
It's just as if heaven has come to earth and everything it just...right... and just is.
This is long and you're probably not reading it..... I just had to let you know how I feel.
I can't let another day go by with you feeling like I don't value you.
I love you so much, every moment of the day I'm thinking of you, something we've done and when I'm going to see you next.
You're the highlight of my day, every day.
I love you so damn much...
You're the most beautiful person and the brightest soul I've ever met.
I can't believe you found me, or that I found you...
It is just so perfect... and I hope it always stays like this.