'inner thoughts'



The man from 'bellsouth'

I used the inner powers that be to scope the surrounding area 'perimeter secured'. You see my name is Elaine but I go by the code name karrit, the mission for today…to get past the spy posing as the Bellsouth man.

The girl stepped from the yellow bus looking across the street, she made a mad dash barely missing the speeding cameo jeep that was her would be assassin,

" Damn Government, they'll stop at nothing to keep their secrets." she glowered at the license plate " ZEEL64 we shall meet again"

She adjusted the black mail bag that hung like a sack of weights on her right shoulder the twine strap cutting off all circulation, "seems like I have 5 minutes until I have to adjust cargo or risk auto amputation," she stamped hard on the gray cracked concrete, the will to fight against the forces of gravity was strong in this one.

' there he is….' She stared at the figure working on the pole in front of her. ' damnit, the bastard is persistent.' Elaine knew she was being stalked, repeatedly she told her parents of her encounters with the man, however almost as repeatedly her parents turned a deaf ear to her.

You see everyday exactly at 4:15 she would get off her transport vehicle and land aproximately one half mile from her house, and each day the man from Bellsouth's 'customer services' would be there fallowing her movements with his eyes.

She walked by the pole again her multicolored hair swishing about her head as paranoia kept making her look back, however each glance only confirmed that he was not looking at her.

"Maybe mother figure is right…maybe it's all in my head,"

The magic spell broke and all the conspiracy therories melted away as she turned the corner onto her street.

The oak nestled on the corner of her street ofering her protection...

" red Hawk, to nestled sparrow I have shutter bug in sight."

And the day was only one of many to come.


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