Unholy Saints

I see the tears on her face
Inside I feel the hate.
Taught of love, compassion, and understanding.
He died for your people.
He did not condemn them.
And yet you use him as a weapon.
If he could see you now,
His heart would break.
I see her tears
And I know why they're there.
You humiliated her.
You destroyed her.
You tore her apart.
I see her face
And I know why.
She's not Christian.
You took Jesus' love,
And understanding
And you turned it into hate,
And ignorance.
I see your faces
And the hate grows stronger.
You think you're right.
You martyr yourself by saying,
"I was trying to help!"
You think that Jesus will make her happy.
You fools.
Can't you see?
She was happy
Until you opened your mouth.
You mock your own religion.
You've failed your god.
With each culture you kill,
With each custom you erase,
With each faith you condemn,
Jesus must cry.
With each lie you tell,
With each will you destroy,
With each tear she sheds …
You take one step closer to hell.
Jesus won't want to die again.
And I swear that
She won't cry again.