you should be more careful, babyhe yelled out the window as she ran in front of his five hundred dollar (as precious as her life, almost) car. she just laughed prettily and walked away to the train station: he might have been older than her but there were worlds she controlled that he had never seen.


this is the story that brought them together(funny, how my habit to speak in third person so alters your life):


medically speaking, she is a pristine clean virgin,

and he knows it

but one night before they knew each other(a long time before)

she was molested like a whore without

understanding what her cousin

meant it to be


she didn't cry that one night,

her cousin had no satisfaction


and it ends there because she told

him(no, not her bastard cousin) all

about it and cried into his sweatshirt


as if the hands of her cousin still

clasped at her skinny legs

(in five years she has only grown taller,

only twenty pounds taller)


and maybe her story brought them together:


but they are now all too far apart.


you should be more careful, baby, he yelled out the window. she didn't deem him worthy of reply.


their passion is undeniable. (can't you see it?)