By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had all started on the late night of Monday,

February 20th and it had happened in an unusual way,

For it was the night that I had found love

With a woman who was as beautiful as a dove.

And yet,she has something that causes her to stay

Away from any human male who wants to give her

Some loving,for she had a pair of wings on her

Back and she was afraid that if anybody look take

One look at her wings,they would point and make

Her feel less like an actual female human being forever.

But that was before I had bumped into her and

Noticed that her beauty was indeed more than just grand,

For when I had taken a good hard look at

The heavenly beauty,I was able to truly discover that

I was falling in love with a winged babe and

That I really don't care what everyone else thinks about

It,which had caused me to take that angel out

Of the very sports bar that I was sitting in

And take her back to my apartment for some lovin'

And let her discover what a woman is all about.

But then,after we had stepped into my apartment and

And stared at each other for maybe a minute and

A half,we had kissed each other ever so passionately

On the lips and began to explore each other's sexuality.

And after we had just finished enjoying such a grand

Sexually-energizing experience and she had let out a smile,

I had suddenly realized in such a very long while,

She has been unable to experience pure and untamed erotica

And I had felt really sorry for poor 'Miss Stella',

Which I had called her for all that long while.

But just then,when I had woken up on Tuesday

And noticed that the Midnight Angel in the same way

That she had appeared into my life,I had suddenly

Realized that she had returned to Heaven and to be

With the other angels,though her true love is away

From all of those angelic wings and lights and on

a place called Earth...and with a guy named John.