Biotech Research File: 00666:

Classification: Code Red High Restriction

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Dr. James Q. Ludvich: "It was a good idea at the time. But soon it grew out of control. They were playing God. Some were actually clinically insane, but they were brilliant geneticists.

Genetically speaking the process was simple. We cloned basic organisms to begin with, but then moved to larger more complicated beings.

Between the process we changed the genome sequence to break the flaws. Then we discovered the after effects of our changing. We unknowingly unlocked dormant mutations.

The results were disastrous. The last samples of the APEX's were scattered, where is beyond my allowed knowledge.

Brent Ludlow, Director of Research: "It was perfect. Project APEX or Artificial Predator Experiment X.

We had the project funded and headed by a wealthy philanthropist whose identity I cannot disclose. He believed that humans stepped out of their bounds and broke away from the divine order of nature. Thus man needed to be dethroned as apex predator of Earth.

When the U.S Government and The World Health Organization discovered our work they began tracing the steps of Dr. Ludvich back to us. We took drastic action and eliminated Ludvich from the line of information, and then eliminated him permanently. As a last strategic step before we a banded the project was to take the last of the samples and randomly scatter and dispose of them as needed.

(As a note an agent Morris Banesly disappeared near Chicago with a psycho active sample.)

There are rumors… now that we are separated a recovery team is stopping the U.S government's appointed agents to find the samples. Also the team is to forward the project.

I know in the near future I will be eliminated for security precautions, but I know some APEX still exist and if so, a new enemy to man has been unleashed.


Chapter one:

The Beginning of the End

The nurses and orderlies came blasting through the doors pushing a teen on a stretcher.

"We have the trauma patient," a nurse yelled out.

They pushed him to a special room on the 5th floor. The boys mother, father and sister walked in. The mother began to cry.

A tall doctor walked by the group.

"Hello I'm Dr. Strong, I'll be heading your son's case, I've read through it it's very interesting."

The father held the other to in his arms, "please can you help him, the other doctors said he'd die."

"Well it is mysterious but this is the best hospital in the Midwest."

Strong walked over to the boy curled up quivering on the hospital bed. Strong picked up his file and pulled a attending doctor over to him.

"Jamul, what are his conditions."

"Blurred vision, fatigue, the common characteristics of cancerous conditions, but he has flu like tissue signs."

"Did he have any special vaccines?"

"3 doses of the new drug Hydraclomine."

"Hydraclomine! That sludge doesn't even have the FDA's approval! It attacked the flu virus, so when the flu tried to mutate to make an immunity it caused this new super disease."

"How do we treat it Dr.?"

"I don't know, Jamul. Say! Call that new virus breeding specialist in Arizona."

Strong rushed over to the family, "we think we know the cause, we're going to try a few things, but we're calling in a specialist. Over all Darren should be fine."

6 days later

Dr. Thomas Serin stepped in the room.

"A new virus onset of tainted medication I see. I will need to have some privaciy, just me, my assistant, Mr. Langston, and the boy.

Dr. Strong stepped forward, "I don't know if that such a good idea."

"Dr. Strong, I'm a professional doctor, I think I know what I'm doing."

Reluctantly Dr.Strong ushered Darren's family out of the bare white room.

"Now Mr. Langston."

Langston withdrew a long syringe and a plastic container filled with a liquid of swirling reds, blacks, and blues.

Langston filled the syringe with the liquid. Carefully he injected it into Darren's arm. Darren twitched in his sleep. His veins enlarged and turned a dark black. Slowly it spread across his body.

"It's working the virus they created in causing 01X to interact with his cells. He'll appear to get better until the infections is complete, then it will begin," Serin sneered. The soft lights of Chicago glowed from outside.

Downtown Chicago, Suicide Slums, 12:45 am

Detective Robert Thomas, and Officer Jane Comsly walked, guns ready, through the halls of an abandoned apartment building.

Two officers ran up flashlights waving. "Bob, Jane nothing in the west wing."

Robert looked around, "were going up."

The four walked up the stairs silently.

One officer looked around, "Hey did you guys here about the rumors on this thing."

"Shut up, Jackson," the other said.

"It's huge, has teeth, claws, and you can't hear it coming if it doesn't want you to, its like invisible in the shadows or something."

"Stop Jackson, I'm getting freaked out."

Robert smiled.

They reached the 7th floor when they heard a noise, like scrapping. Pieces of dry wall fell down on the stairs.

They all looked up into the darkness of the stairwell. Detective Thomas leaned over the railing and shined the flash light up. Something rushed through the beam at alarming speed.

"There's something up there."

"Come on people, call back up or something," said Pete

"Calm down, Pete," Jane warned.

"Why are we just standing here like retards! Do something, we're sitting ducks."

"Pete it's all right, it's probably just a bunch of junkies."

"I'm going to do something," Pete withdrew his gun, "I'm not going to be bait for that thing."

Pete began to scream and run up the stairs.

"Don't be stupid, Pete come back down," Thomas called.

Suddenly there was a deafening roar mixed with Pete's screams. His flashlight beam whipped around in the dark chasm of the stairwell. Four shots were fired and a blood curdling snap and crunch.

The flash light fell down the stairwell 8 floors down till it hit the bottom and broke.

"Pete?" Jane called.

Jackson cocked his shotgun, "You hear that?"

More scrapping sounds echoed through the building.

"Lets go back down," Thomas ordered.

The three slowly backed down the stairs. Jane grabbed her walkie talkie, "this is unit 6 investigating Harrison incident, send immediate backup to Viggent Towers. Officer down, repeat requesting backup."

The scrapping became louder till finally it stopped.

"It stopped," Thomson said.

There was a distant crash of glass in the background. The three stood perfectly still for what seemed an eternity.

In a flash the window behind Thomas shattered and he was pulled through it in the confusion.

Thomas couldn't make anything out, he dropped the flash light and colors of blues, blacks, and reds whirred around. Claws slashed through his overcoat, shirt and undershirt causing large gashes in his back. Something was seeping into the cuts. Venom, Poison? Thought Thomas. Out of instinct Thomas unloaded his clip into whatever was attacking him. The beast roared and dropped him.

He landed on a pile of cement bags out hanging from the building on the 4th floor. Before he passed out he saw a glance of a giant figure rocket from the side of the building leaving a cloud of dust behind. It was headed right to the side of Common Place Apartments. Bingo.

"Did you see that! It was like fused to the side and then just…just flew right off," screamed Jackson. Backup's sirens were drowning out Thomas' groans as he slipped into unconsciousness.

St. Michael Hospital Uptown Chicago 1 day later 2:15 pm

"Darren, how are you feeling?"

"Fine mom, you ask every 5 minutes."

"Sorry, you need your sleep."

Dr. Strong joined the group, "your son is making a miraculous recovery, whatever Dr. Serin did was brilliant, his vitals are recovering at an almost alarming rate. He should be fully healthy by tonight. Tomorrow he can leave."

"Wonderful, thank you doctor," the father said.

"See you later squirt," Darren's older sister, Crystal, smiled as she left with the group.

There was a pain in Darren's arm again. "Man, there it is again."

Darren could of swore he saw some of his veins turn black. "Wowa, that was weird."

Chapter Two: