A/N: well, this is a little hard to follow, but attempt to make heads or tails of it. all it really is, is a bunch of information kinda cram together to make a little poem, based on the hartman colors, so if you know what that is, you might understand the following mini-poems.

if you can fit into what i have decribe, you just might be that color.

Read & Reveiw, and please, dont compliment on the grammer, i know it sucks right now.

Fast Pace Yellow

sometimes you have to wonder,

what does the world want.

sometimes you think,

you have no place in the world.

sometimes you know,

no ones wants to bother with you,

yet you need to talk,

you need to figet,

you need to do something to get notice,

good or bad,

you will do not care.

Powerful Red

you always have to be right,

always in control,

you have to have it your way,

don't care for what others think,

it's your way or no way,

do the burden or leave before you got crushed,

you fight,

'cause you think your always right.

Guiltful Blue

Your fault,

no matter what,

your easliy pressured,

not seeing anyway out,

you take the blame,

becasue you know no other way,

it doesn't matter,

if you were right or wrong,

you worry to much,

your clouded with guilt,

sometimes you just need to release,

no matter how hard it is.

Peaceful White

no fighting,

you can't always stand it,

you can't stand people arguing,

nor can you stand to fight others,

you can tolerate a lot,

yet brake down easliy,

you have great works of art,

yet fear people will hate it,

you need reminders,

yet waste much time,

as Peaceful you are,

your not very focus.