Hmmm…just an unrhymed poem (mostly). I do love blank verse.

"I Can't Love You"


I look at you and you twist your head away.

This late in the game, I still find things weird.

As strange as seeing time change.


It's not fun anymore when you watch your own funeral,

And everybody's laughing.

The joke ends with the last word of your self-written eulogy.

And my life?

Well it begins where yours starts to quiver.



I look at you and I think of how I'll never really know you.

How you'll never really know me.

You'll never really know you.



I lost much of myself to you,

But I regret nothing.

Lord knows I'm so burnt out this far,

But I still can't wait to become a twenty-something.

And I swear I didn't even mean to rhyme.



Questioning that only makes it stronger.

The whos and whats of your entourage would be proud.


If I rearrange my soul,

Would your eyes warm that same frigid spot on my face?

Is squinting going to make me see more of your perfections, less of your flaws?

Trying would make liking you such a chore.

Giving up would kill all our unborn hopes.

And, I LOVE YOU too much to do exactly that.