Violent Tendencies I and II


I want to take a knife

And run it down my arm

To where it cuts, it slices

All the ropes with which

I bind myself

I want to take a rock

And bash in the skull

So I see the blood gushing, it's coursing

Through the veins of all

My vicious hatred

For now I will just chew my gum

And pretend that it's your jaw I'm breaking


All I am wishing for is to free myself

From the struggle of trying to be happy

When the world crashed around

And you are still up there

Staring down

I want it to be your foundation shaking

Your earth that's quaking

So the treasure you hoard is taken

But the lives you touch are making me

Just a little bit jealous

I used to be you, seductive as Dracula's smile.

Now I have a close personal relationship with my razorblade.