The Elder's Curse

I.The Calling Dream

Every night it meets me in my dreams

"Heed my vision" it cries

"This is the fate of your very own race"

The future I see with my very own eyes.

Awake one Midnight, I can't sleep

a phantom-menace haunts my dreams

calling me, it's always there

beckoning me to its lair

Underneath my bed, does it dare hide?

There's no comforts in which I can confide

As I'm sinking into my pillow

I am surrounded by the night-shadows

Another night, another dream

things just can't be as they seem

Stay awake to fight the sorrow

Fall asleep and face the horror

In a foreign distant land

an evil realm unknown to man

where the geometry's all wrong

the master howls his wicked song

Another night, another dream

things must be just as they seem

I can not fight the sorrow I feel

I can not help the horror's real

II. The Mystic Vision

Asleep for a thousand centuries

my master lies dormant, dead yet dreaming

In age long slumber beneath the sea floor

undiscovered, underground.

My master gives me sacred sight

a vision of that horrid night

The downfall of the fabled ancients

who delved too deeply in black magick

They came to our earth long ago

but freeze now in the ice and snow

Or drown in the ocean's darkest depths

still, they plot six billion deaths!

III. The Master's Servant

The master unmasks himself from the mist

unshadows his grotesque form for me to see

His role for me, it is revealed

The fate of my soul is forever sealed.

"Now I have seen the wicked beast

the one who haunts me in my dreams

the cause of my sleeping disease

the cause of all my restless screams

Heaven's sun brings me no light

for I have seen the gruesome site

That which dreams of mass extinction

That which dreams up all existence.

Another night, another dream

I am the child of prophecy

My visions Is all that must be

Into the future I have seen.

Now I see that I was right-

there is no end to endless night!

the serve the master is the reason-

the purpose of my nightmare visions!"

Another night, another dream

My visions all bring agony

my sight can't change what is to happen

my visions can not stop the end.