by Shayne Edwin Pruett

Death is a lot more common than contentment,
And it is my star-studded insanity that fuels my sentiments,
About the subject.
Accept no substitutes when you need absolution,
In your thoughts and in your dreams,
Wear your essence on your sleeve and whether its in or out,
Just breathe.
This is my civil lights containment,
Darkness is the goal I've set for myself and you will help me carry out my agenda,
Green, stale pastures with mixtures of mixtapes in the city and the stoop,
Here's your scoop, the dirt, the news, the hurt, the pain, the same, the insane shit,
That follows you throughout the in and the out and hides within your certainty and your doubt.
Bullet trains to Tokyo?
Not tonight.
I drive a Lexus to the Nexus,
With the volume turned up to drown out the what-nots and what-have-you's.
Who needs love?
How will that benefit me?
Your wide-eyed, blurry pictures will serve as my breakfast no more,
I won't serve in this battle of the boys and the girls.
Watermelon water is so eventual, its ridiculous.
Like you, it too dances on the tip of my tongue like it did on your hips.
I often find myself surrounded by the smoke of my peers,
And I often find myself to be choked up by my tears,
History won't let me forget but I think I can let a few days slip by,
Don't ask me why because even I think the answer is absurd.
I don't have a big enough lock to put around the secrets in my closet,
The ghosts inside attack me faster than your intellect and all I can do is run.
I try and calm myself through meter, rhyme and hum.
But nothing works...
The fast ghost will get ya,
The black ghost will get ya faster,
The more lies the more turns I have to avoid in my secretive slalom.
Today is Friday and I know what happened...
The steel abs of yesteryear,
The perfect smile,
A ceremonial cigarette,
I'll never forget because I have conviction,
Motherfucker there are no attractive addictions,
I can stop anytime I want.
I promise,
I come through.
It's you and me like Simon and his G,
And I won't use violence,
I don't need the sound of silence,
Give me your dreams in an envelope and I'll see to it they breathe the light of day.
I am the messenger of light,
And I'm standing next to the switch.
The honey is nowhere to be found,
And I have no regrets.