A/n 1I spend last weekend watching Lord of the rings, Alexander, Troy and love and sex. I blame the movies on this idea for a storie that won't leave me alone.

I have never written something like this and I hope I don't completely suck at it, story is told by Columb who is Ares cousin and tutor for Ares-tian.

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Spierta days have 32hours, 12 hours of daylight fallowed by 24 of night time they have two moons who don't usually shine at the same time and lunar eclipses are even rarer. The first moon shines much brighter than the second moon and stars aren't visible until the second moon shines.

1000 moons would equal to 100 years.

This story will skip back and forward from present time to past. It will tell two stories that of Ares the Father and Ares- tian the son.

Mon: is used when talking to a superior

Tian: would be something like the equivalent of Jr., but is used to refer to someone . younger

Mun: is used to refer to a loved one, like calling someone love

Masodan: would be like their church.


The sun was set high in the sky, giving an orange glow to the library where student and teacher sat.

'There have always been legends, they grow and distort. One man has to stand as the greatest legend, many don't know about him but he will be written about in history books, your grandchildren will learn of him in school.

A man, a legend, a story to be told his name was Ares that means god of war, you where named after him and are expected to fallow his path, this is why I shall tell you his whole story, not only the legend I will show that the path you are destined to fallow is that of a man not a god, not a king, but a spiertan just like you and me. I stood by him in battles, in celebration, in defeats, he was my closest friend my brother and from the time he was born we all new he was destined for greatness.

He was born on the night of the eclipse both moons covered the sun turning the sky into a blaze, with the mark of the sun on his back, son of the kings third wife, though her status was barely that of a glorified slave she was the kings favorite the one he truly loved, he was the 4th male son of the house, though he was the oldest, and was never expected to rule.

Ares-tian it is because of your Grandmother that the laws of marriage where changed."

The tutor told his student as the boy scouted closer with curiosity shining in his eyes.

"All male spiertans where obligated by law to take a wife at 14. They didn't have the opportunity to choose her, their parents did, and it wasn't a matter of love but law and war, love was thought to weaken a man, it is almost impossible to find a woman to love at such early age, or to even be sure it is a woman that we desire, this law ensure that when the man entered military training- that in the time was obligatory to all male spiertans- they had laid with a woman and weren't pray to venoms such as love and lust.

A stupid law set 3000 moons ago by your deranged great, great, great Grandfather Fellan. I'm not here to tell you about him his name is already written in all our history books, but he had several screws loose in the head and a broken heart in his chest. It was his decision that with each marriage the woman had less "position"."

"What do you mean Mon Columb?" the older spiertan struggled to find a comfortable position before continuing with his teachings.

"The first wife was the queen of the house, her children where consider to be the legitimate ones especially if male, even if younger to the son of a second wife they where considered the first. If the first wife failed to deliver a male, and a lower wife did the kid would have all the honors of the first born, but once a male was born from a higher wife all rights where striped away. The succeeding wife's where there to serve the first wife. It was Fallen's hope that by the time true love was found the wife would be third or fourth at least, given them less chance to weaken his warriors." Ares-tian twisted his nose at this he was not used to such sexist laws.

"Stupid I know." Columb said to his young apprentice while motioning him to hand him a third pillow.

"But still for woman it was far better to be a lower wife than a house maid or slave. It wasn't like it is today where woman are allowed to study and become what ever they want. Fallen's head would have flipped at the thought of a woman taking husbands as it is so common now a day"

"Jecabs mom has 3 husbands!!" Young Ares-tian said enthusiastically "But Bler parents only have each other" He tilted his head in confusion as if asking Columb for an explanation

"In the 3000 moons that have past since crazy Fallen ruled, Spieta has changed a lot, we have the chance to search for love and because of this there is more monogamy, we have found peace, we have grown in arts other than war and a lot of it we owe it to your grandfather Alexor and father Ares." Columb hoped this would satisfy his young apprentice.

"Mogamy?" said the young prince. Columb corrected him and explained the meaning of the word.

"You are expected to finish this evolution, to make sure all forms of love are accepted. You must grow with an opened mind."

"I thought all civil wars had ended with my father... won't more change bring more wars?" Such worries for a young boy, Columb looked at his pupil with sad and hopeful eyes.

"We will worry about that when the time comes" He told the boy while patting him on the head

"First I will tell you a bit about your grandfather. Alexor, your grandfather, like all Spiertan married at 14, he married Zira. Zira was a strong, spoiled woman used to getting everything she wanted, their marriage was planed before they where born.