"A boy!" Zira paced in her room, her eyes red with fury the animal in her bursting for release her anger growing with each step.

"It means nothing" Her mother tried to reason. "You are the first wife if you have a boy even after every other wife has, he will be declared the first he will be the legitimate successor."

"How am I to become with child when that …man" She growls the word out "Has not visit my chamber since the first year of marriage. I have been humiliated" She yelled tears streaming down her milk white skin. She turns towards her servant who was shaking bowed onto the floor. "Stand!" She yells and then continues with her rant moving away from the frighten girl "A forth wife a nothing to give the first descendent, the first male. Was it not enough that he gave her my castle? That he married a filthy Vizu!" With that she turned towards the girl and slapped her across the face her long nails leaving a red trail behind on the girl's cheek. The pain made the young servants knees week but she kept from falling knowing it would be worst if she did.

"I was to rule. I was to hold the power" She moved around the room ripping away at anything she could find. "He was supposed to adore me, want me, and bend to my will." Her voice grew stronger her eyes nothing but bright red spheres "She is a forth wife! She is to be my servant!"

Alexor held his son in his arms, the mark of the son clear on the baby's back. He slowly slid his finger over it. A warrior a king, not only had the moons covered the son for his birth but the sun had left his mark on him. "Ares" Alexor whispered "God of war".

Akin smiled from her bed watching her love and son, feeling peace and worry. She knew the beast in Zira would explode, she knew Alexor could do nothing about what ever the woman decided to do to her. Of course Zira could not kill her, but she could punish her, like she had done before for crimes that Akin had never committed. Akin's love for Alexor gave her the strength to take anything Zira would throw her way. At least by law Zira couldn't come near her till half moons past, and Ares as the first male son of the house was safe too.

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