Borderland is a stripe of soot and gray
where souls loose traction
fighting the long slide's last twist.
Terminal of the train to self destruction
and all points beyond.
The last ledge before the drop off
into the black forever night
where nothing escapes
but hollow wind and the sound
of cracking bone.
Transient town of half hope

where pain is a dull roar

in the ears drowning out the alarms.

The streets crowded with

the lost and misguided

brought here by chanced misfortune

and their born weakness,

where I see you today,

lost among the lost soul draggers.

Why follow me here

only to be pulled into the black

and destroyed with me.

This demented rescue

will destroy us both

like a fire on both sides of a mountain

racing to the peak.

Your ignorance will kill you.

A dip in the rinse water

of my corruption

would age you ten years.

I may fail

or I may return to the light.

It is not for you to know.

If I go over the edge

you will tumble behind me

If I return to the light

I cannot bring you with me.

While time allows.

Leave now