The empty void in me grows every day.

I can't take it when you're away.

And now I learn that the love I seak can't be given to me.

Your love has already been given.

To whom, I don't know.

Her name unspoken.

You leave me with the memories of your words and actions.

These memories can't fill the void in me,

because they make me long for you more.

Leaving only the void, once know as my heart, to become even more tanted with sorrow and pain.

The sight of my blood on the razor-blade isn't enough to reasure your love for me.

The void grows with every cruel word,

every avoided attempt to mend my wounds,

every unspoken word,

and every glimps of something I can't have.

You are blinded by your feelings for her.

Unable to see what you should do.

You think you're doing what's best for us both,

but all you're doing is adding to the void's growth.


by: Ashli Sligar