Feeling (Apathy)

Now empty promises turn to dust

as the whole world seems to

come crashing down at once

All these hopes are lost,

drowned in an ocean of doubt

things that once seemed so possible

I'm left here without

All the passion I felt

still remains the same

Untouched, it lingers here

as my heart goes up in flames

A meaningless gesture of compassion

dawning upon naivety in vain,

A misleading sign of tenderness

making everything suddenly change

Pretend you still want me,

always go out of your way,

still I remember how you used to

talk to me every day

Every expectation I had for you

ripped from my heart in one quick motion

not to be replaced just yet

an undying, uncontrollable emotion

Torn between what I want to believe

and what is actually there,

this endless feeling of longing

always wondering if you still care

© SpiLLeD InK

February 23, 2006