The network that we followed

Falsely led us to one point

Because you backtracked and retraced paths on the way.

You lied when you'd said you'd found

A minimal path that met our hearts,

And your failure only led to disarray.

I guess you were wrong when you

Showed me the vector of our love

Because, in fact, you'd left out the direction.

And the dents that I discovered

In your concave little heart

Disrupted the congruency in our reflection.

The bliss that shrouded me when

We moved like parallel lines

Shattered when we made our differences collide.

The Pythagorean Theorem is

No match to find the measure

Of your love, which couldn't stretch from side to side.

Your auxiliary lines can't

Even help us now because

The truth is that our angles don't add up.

When I tried to prove my logic, your

Counterexamples made me silent,

Because you always had the urge to interrupt.

After we create a proof stating

The reasons for our actions

Then perhaps our differences will be more clear

The solution to our problem seems

To involve subtracting each other

And to forget our past and disappear