A night of misbehaving

My parents were gone, and the house was now mine. The computer had been my throne, and inappropriate sites were now my candy. However, I still had homework, researching the life of priests. As exciting as that was for me, it was really hard to stay focused. My eyes were twitching as interesting pop ups opened themselves up.

"Close that. Close this. Damn it, I still have homework to do," I kept saying to myself. The pop ups wouldn't stop their assault on my computer screen, nothing but poker and porno.

A particular ad, where all those Latino girls and Asians were in the same screen, all hugging close for warmth, lured me in to click like a trap or a WWII ambush.

Flashes and sounds engulfed my room, and all I could do is dance and laugh in an insane trance to extreme feminine action. Man, to be in one of those videos would be heaven, I childishly thought.

An immediate hell came upon my room.

"Hey! Get out of my room!" I yelled.

My little brother came in, telling me that it was time for dinner.

"Ah! Just get out!"

My mom came in the room, explaining how she made the dinner.

"Why won't this screen close?" I yelled at myself.

My dad then came in the room, telling me about his recent escapade with the cops.

I started bashing my head on the keyboard. It was frozen!

My uncles that just came back from Iraq came to my room with presents for me.

Finally, when the entire family was in my room, including a couple of neighbors that dropped by, they all crowded around my computer.

"Ayad…what are you searching?"