"My Rainbow"

By:Cassandra Freiborg

My life is colorful,

like a rainbow,

after a summer rain.

Red- for my bleeding heart,

for my bloodshot eyes.

Orange- for the many sunrises,

and sunsets I've slept through,

or ignored.

Yellow- for the joy others try so hard,

to instill in me each day.

For the day that I have come to fear.

Green- for the demon inside me,

secretly controlling my actions.

Blue- for my tears,

and the color of my eyes,

when I was a kid,

still so innocent.

Purple for the bruises,

that no one sees.

Brown, for the scars I hide so well.

Black-for the oncoming storm,

and the void that I've been let with,

after these seventeen years.

White-for the purity I saw in you,

and the love I gave up.

For the light at the end of that tunnel.