Falsified and Prettied up.

Stuck inside a shell

I've become a Punching Bag,

In A Special kind of hell.

Far beyond the reach of hate,

No medications fair.

They try to comprehend this fate,

I just don't fucking care.

I've become this fucking lie,

The waste that once was Me.

And all they'll ever let me be,

Is a Scar on Society.

Defamed and hated

Fallen truths,

And overrated

Shitbag youths

They walk around

Head in the clouds


No emotions allowed.

I'll change their minds,

One at a time

In a world where love

Is just another crime

So fuck their religions,

This world, this fate

Who can really ever deny

That I was born a mistake?

I've become a fucking god,

You can't ever touch me,

Look at what I've become,

A Scar on your Society.