Small waves of an intrepid design

The increasing palpitations of a wilting heart

This cannot continue

It's far too dangerous

For a heart that has lost this much blood

This much feeling.

Ever since he turned you away

Claimed that you were sub par

After so much careful planning

After so many attempts to comfort him.

You choose to believe his words

"It's not that I don't want you…

I don't want anyone right now"

He didn't seem so opposed to the girl in the short skirt

Perched provocatively on his knee

Chewing like a goat on his lip.

God, it became so raw, started trickling blood

This was supposed to be sexy?

This is what he wants…?

You try to run it off.

Circling around the same dimly lit path

Again and again…

Waiting for it to change

Pleading, bargaining with it

To lead into another's arms

To take you somewhere where you're wanted.

Each pounding footstep resounds throughout

Your body, your mind.

Each one squashes another petrified figure

Of the one who made it hurt

The one who left the invisible scars

That dug so very deep.

Maybe if you change your hair…

Maybe if you flirt just a little longer…

But, no, he's gone, stripped of the throne he sat upon

In your mind.

Reduced to the status of any other peasant

Begging for forgiveness.

But you won't grant him any reprieve.

Your sprint falters as you stumble over a stone

A perfectly smooth black rock

You were waiting for a sign

Something magical

All you have left is a stone

That reminds you so much of your soul.