Biting my lip,
As I hurt myself.
Drown out the noises,
Swallow down the blood.
Something to say that I'm sorry,
For the cuts on my legs.
Twisting myself into a scarred mess.
It can help me cope.
It's something.
But I'm not sure.
I wonder what would happen if I took a rope,
And didn't let go.
Life preservers have all been dropped and broken.
Nothing to stop me from drowning in this raging sea now...
I hate your labels,
Your insolence,
This hate.
I hate my hate...
This taste is a deadly twist on things.
Don't mind if she cries...
She's useless anyways.
And I laugh silently, and wretchedly.
What's worth all of this pain?
I don't know...
But could you tell me?
But I'm not in pain.
It's just simply the bitterness welling within me.
I hope that's alright.