Silent Screams

We went out tonight
You treated me to dinner
We watched that one movie, remember?
I didn't say no

We cuddled as we ate
I giggled as I sipped my milk
I let you hold me tight, remember?
I didn't say no

I rested my head on your chest
You ran your fingers through my hair
You caressed my cheeks with the tips of your fingers
I didn't say no

You grazed the top of my head with your lips
Your gossamer kiss melting me to my very soul
You dropped those firey lips to my chin, remember?
I didn't say no

You turned my head from the screen
And had our lips meet
Mine chapped, yours hot, ours passionate
I didn't say no

Your arms wrapped around my waist
Your fingers digging into my tender flesh
Your breathing became concentrated, staggered
I didn't say no

You pushed your tongue between my lips
Shoving the flesh right down my throat
You laid me down on the couch we shared
I didn't say no

Your lips became no longer content, curious
They plotted their course down my long neck
Sucking, sucking, sucking, like leeches
I didn't say no

My breath caught inside my chest
As those lips progressed further down
My hands gripped handfuls of your shaggy hair
I didn't say no

You put me on fire with your kisses
Dragging your tongue every which way
Your breath became hyperventilated
I didn't say no

You pulled my clothing away from my body
Your eyes so full of fire, of lust
Do you remember when you bruised me with your fingers?
I didn't say no

Your passion reached the final threshold
Your body spasmed with your pleasure
You gave me one final kiss
I didn't say no

I pulled my clothing back upon me
Tears of shame falling down my cheeks
I hid them as you kissed my neck once more
I didn't say no

Again, the pleasurable torture you bestowed upon me
Again, you leeched away from me my words
Again, your kisses burned my tender skin
I didn't say no

....But, I didn't say yes either