A/N: I wasn't really sure about this one, but my friends liked it, so I figured I'd put it here. Anyways, I was thinking about how some people picture suicide unrealistically...and how things don't always happen the way they do in the movies. So I wrote this...R&R me, I'll R&R you. Keep writing.



Torn Apart 2/19/06

She sits at home with a razor in one hand

And her cell phone in the other

If this were a movie-Oh, but she is in a movie-

My cell phone would ring, and it'd be you

You'd stop me from doing this stupid thing...

But as the razor reaches her wrist the phone doesn't ring

Come on, please, there's still a chance...

If you cared, you'd call right now...

-Action-and the lights are closing in on her

She falls to the floor (Just as rehearsed)

Her hair fanned out and her lips movie-star-red

And the blood on the floor declares this movie-star dead

But this time the makeup is not what surrounds her

This time her co-star prince will not find her

She tries to cry out, please re-write this script

The credits flash before her eyes

But this isn't how she was supposed to die-

Won't someone put her Oscar in her cold pale hands?

Why hasn't my cell phone rang yet?

You were supposed to run in but a minute too late...

But it seems going alone was (really) her fate..

The camera sets the stage, a funeral for our queen

But there are no mourners, no flowers to be seen

The people (she died for) don't seem to mind

They don't regret not saying goodbye...

And they were never going to apologize

Her death was to be such a triumphant thing

They'll all see-they'll all see-wish they weren't mean to me...

They'll know it was their entire fault...

But no one feels ashamed at all

The only thing our leading role will ever know-

Movies aren't real...and we'll all be alone...