Chapter Three: Enemies?

"Isabella Nicia Mancini," my father's voice called out through the intercom system early Saturday morning, waking me from my peaceful slumber. "Vincent Giovanni Mancini, come down here please," he commanded.

I let out a groan and tried to burry my head under my pillow. "Now please," he added.

I let out a frustrated sigh before slowly dragging myself out of my warm bed. I grabbed my long black silk robe off the end of my bed and threw it on over my skintight black tank top and black short shorts that showed off my long tan legs.

I left my room fairly quickly, choosing to walk barefoot down the marble corridors. I ran into Vince in the hallway, waiting for the elevator. He was already fully dressed in baggy blue jeans and a blue and white-stripped button up shirt. He left it unbuttoned showing off the wife beater underneath. "Morning sunshine," he grinned mockingly as the elevator dinged and opened.

I flipped him off as I walked in. He laughed and followed me in, hitting the button for the first floor on his way. We found our father in his office, sitting once again behind his desk. "Sir?" Vince asked in Italian as we sat in the leather chairs before our father's desk.

Our father looked up from his desk and set down the papers that were in his hands. "Good afternoon," my father said, forcing a smile as he looked at us. His gaze lingered distasteful on me for a minute before snapping his eyes back to Vince. "I know I have not been around much since our return from Italy two weeks ago, business is booming and there is always something that needs seeing to."

Vince nodded, "It is quite alright, father. We both understand." Vince always was to suck up to our father; I supposed that's why he was our father's favorite child.

Our father smiled for real this time and nodded, "Thank you, I knew I could count on you two," he said. I gave a faint smile as my father grinned at me. "Which is why I need your help," he said. I glanced at Vince who shrugged. "As both of you know, Dr. Perello passed away this summer while we were visiting Italy this summer. The whole ordeal was very upsetting and it seems as if Mrs. Perello is taking the news very badly."

"So what is to happen?" I asked.

"Well, Mrs. Perello's sister offered to take her in and help her get back on her feet. In the mean time, Dr. Perello's son, Adam, will be left on his own. Considering he is the same as you two, I've offered to allow him to stay here, with us. I do believe you two are friends with him, having grown up together?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes sir, very good friends," Vince answered, nodding.

My father's eyes landed on me and I nodded despite myself. Vince and Adam might have been best friends for as long as I could remember, but Adam Perello was no friend of mine. He was more like my worst enemy. "Good. He will be living here for the school year. I trust both of you to make him feel at home."

Vince smiled and nodded vigorously. "When does he arrive?" he asked, as there was buzz on the intercom.

"Oh, that should be him right now," my father answered. He hit the button on the intercom and Antonio's voice filtered in the silent room.

"Master Mancini, young Mr. Perello is here," Antonio said.

"Thank you Antonio," my father said, before standing up and buttoning his suit jacket closed. "Well come along." He motioned for us to follow him as he walked around the desk. I stood from my chair and my father shook his head. "Sleeping the day away again, Isabella?" he asked with a small smile on his face.

I smiled and shrugged, "It is only ten thirty sir," I said, glancing at the clock.

"Exactly! Half the day is wasted!" he smirked, walking past me and opening the doors to his office.

I rolled my eyes and followed him out into the hallway. After walking the elaborate halls for a few minutes, we finally reached the front door where Antonio, a balding man of fifty, standing next to none other than Adam Perello. With his black hair, blue eyes, muscular build, and tan skin, he as everything most girls dreamed of in a guy. He was charming and smooth, charismatic and smart, and was just about good at everything he did. Oh, and he was my twin brother's best friend and my worst enemy. Just thinking of the cliché pissed me off. My life was anything but cliché and I was going to keep it that way. Adam Perello was just going to have to learn to leave me alone.

"Ah Adam, so nice of you to join us. How was your flight?" my father asked, immediately shaking Adam's hand.

"A little long, but not bad," Adam said smoothly, in Italian. "Thank you for inviting me," he added, giving my father one of his charming smiles showing off his mouth full of pearly white teeth.

"It's my pleasure. My deepest sympathy to you your mother," my father said.

"Thank you," Adam said, his smile never faltering.

"Please, make yourself at home. My staff will be sure to provide to your needs. Please forgive me, my home may not be as large or my staff as intricate as to that of your Manor but, I do hope you feel comfortable here." My father was always one to kiss ass with someone who had more money than him; in fact, it was the only time he did ever kiss ass.

Adam didn't seem to be listening, he had a dazed look on his face, but he nodded anyways. Seeming to come to his senses he smiled and looked up at my father. "It's quite alright, Mr. Mancini. I shouldn't be too much trouble, you won't even know I'm here," he said.

My father grinned and nodded, "Alright kids, and I must run off to the office. I'm sorry I can't stay and show you around Adam, I'm sure Vincent and Isabella will show you around."

Vince nodded and grinned as we watched our father depart through the front door. "Hey bro, it's good to see you again," Vince said, slipping out of Italian and into English and smiled, patting Adam on the back.

He smiled genuinely at Vince and nodded, "You too man. It's been too long," he said.

"Oh please, it's been two weeks," I said, rolling my eyes.

Adam turned to me as if seeing me for the first time. His eyes trailed over my body slowly with a smirk on his lips. "Already ready for bed? Aren't you moving a little fast? You haven't even given me a hug yet," he grinned at me.

I glared and pulled my robe around my body and crossed my arms over my chest. "In your dreams, Perello," I answered coolly.

He only smirked wider if that was possible. "Stop denying your love for me."

"Stop thinking I want you," I remarked. Antonio shook his head and walked away, leaving us to our bickering.

Suddenly Adam shook his head laughing and ran a hand through his hair as he turned to Vince. "Oh man, this is gonna be a fun year. You and me at the same school again! We're gonna own it," Adam grinned, patting Vince on the back.

Vince grinned, "Well bro, with all the money my dad and uncle give to the school, the thing is practically in our name."

"Oh your cousin Marcello?" Adam asked.

"Yeah Mark. You'll meet him later, he's coming over for dinner."

I rolled my eyes and started to walk toward the elevator at the end of the hall. It was obviously time for male bonding and my bed was calling me back from the other end of the house. "And where do you think you're going Nici?" Adam called out to me.

I stopped abruptly and spun around to glare at him. "Don't fucking call me that," I hissed.

He only smirked. "You're not leaving me are you?" he asked, ignoring me.

"Leave me alone, Perello."

"Going back to catch more beauty sleep? Looks as if you could use it," he chuckled.

I tried to hold in a scream but it came out as of more a squeal causing both my brother and Adam to laugh at me. "Cut it out you guys. Come on bro, I'll show you around," Vince grinned, patting Adam's back.

I glared at Adam while he was steered out of the foyer by my brother. This year was going to be living hell and Adam Rinaldo Perello was Lucifer himself.

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