A Little Secret

you're the kind

the marrying kind

the kind of guy that I'm supposed to like

and I do

too bad he came first I mean

spending time with you has me constantly smiling

whoops, I committed adultery with my thoughts

you're so handsome with those clothes I hate and you're so close

to being perfect I get scared and I know you are a dream

well I need to know I have to

are you?

for me?

You cry at the silliest things

and you picked me out

out of the personality profiles of the human race

damn you must know be better than I thought

yet you cant imagine me having sex with my old and new boyfriends

would you imagine me with you only?

why else would we take those random drives

hun I know you just want company

and I want to have coffee with you, to talk

you're just too different for me to comprehend

I've got a little experiment in my mind

on second thought

I will keep this poem

our little secret

since I know this fleeting feeling is one-sided

and it would break his heart

I love him, I do

I just have to train my wandering eye

but you are too tempting that maybe just a little taste would be enough

it never is

I have got to step way from this destructive monologue

nothing comes good out of sweet fresh cravings like this

I'll eat a candy bar instead.