I am a weak and feeble man
Stranded on the outskirts of a land
I used to love and call my own
Here, this barren wasteland of silence
Which becomes my delusion of an island

Islands come and islands go
The sand welled up deep inside your eyes
As I choked out the unforgiving words
"Goodbye and goodnight"

Colonies of birds and bees swarm
Over the trees, just beyond earshot she screams
Undermine the soil with baskets of dry life
A flower blossoms and withers away

Unwholesome tasks come and soon they'll go
All the world is blessed; they don't know
The tears flowed up out from your heart to eyes
As I whispered the unforgiven words
"Goodbye and goodnight"

The trees wave to one another
Soon they'd all catch fire and scorch the clouds
Try and remember the words of your teacher
You stay calm under pressure but you know
Small animals take to scavenge once and agian

Heat so hot the eagle falls from sky
Wind so strong it topples all the redwoods
I watch this safely from the sidelines
"All along" you say "I knew who you were"
And you loved me all the same
So the world ends on a quiet day