Never brave a Norfolk storm

It's best to stay indoors

There are those who say that dreadful harm

Will meet you on the moors

Many say a beast lives there

With fur as black as coal

And if you meet his fiery stare

He'll steal away your soul

In desolate moor or churchyard

Dwells the spectral hound

His eerie voice is often heard

Reverberating round

No dog as large or dark as he

Was ever seen in Heaven

To spy him means there will surely be

Harm to you or breterin

I'm sure that you've heard tale of him;

There are many books to tell

Rowelling named him as the Grim

Conan Doyle knew him well

So stay indoors and bar you home

Close the windows tight

And leave the stormy moors alone

Lest Black Shuck should prowl the night