Panties at Victoria's Secret

Lace! Ruffles! Silk!
The possibilities are endless!
I swim through a sea of polka dotted pink
frills of cottony goodness-
lacey bows and silken straps
of high bedtime fashion.
Oh the shame of having a badonkadonk
too BIG
to fit these glorious rump containers!
They are splendid and intelligent
and perfect for the
many color blind girls
wanted the color of the cloth
branded on their bottoms.
Who would have guessed they were pink
without the word there for guidance?
What a wonderful, phenomenal garment
to posses and flaunt about-
now, excuse me there is a sale at Kohl's,
three for ten bucks.

Sorry to all of you who enjoy Victoria's Secret panties but I have to laugh at how they look and the price tag. Being a slightly bigger girl with an ample butt, I'd rather have something that I can afford and fit into rather then pay a whole bunch of money for some frills that my boyfriend would only see once in awhile.

Anyway, cheers and enjoy!


ps. If no one knows what a Kohl's is find out yourself. :-P