Quietly the bottom drops from your stomach, the feeling of Loss

Loss of something you held so dear, so close to your Heart

Heart, the organ now constricted, squeezed by an intangible Force

Force of god, but with more power, the vision in front of you Blurs

Blurs of moments spent together, of love and of Laughter

Laughter you no longer see echoing within your loves Eyes

Eyes of pure brown, of Hazel, no longer expressing her Emotions

Emotions she says no longer exist, are only within your Mind

Mind which screams it isn't your fault: she's the one who is Complicated

Complicated, these last three, no four, Weeks

Weeks that have blurred into well over A Year

A Year, that's how long it seems you have known Her

Her, who says, we know so much of each other, can't we be good Friends?

Friends, who just happen to hug with passion, and kiss with Love

Love, which you both feel as you hold Her

Her, who says those emotions no longer exist, she's blinded by Hurt

Hurt, which you would not have put up with for Another

Another day yet again, this one the Last

Last time to work things out: either together or separate after This

This final day of agony, it should end Now

Now you want the confusion to stop, but you want her Love

Love, which you still see within your loves Eyes