I announce this both in a happy and sad way. Sadly, because I have appreciated varying levels of support by COUNTLESS individuals over the years -- even in my absence! -- and I am now removing the stories you have helped me with... notably, Ésalno. However... this is not the end. In fact, it's merely the beginning. I am pulling these stories because I plan to publish. I do not know when or with whom, but these plans are near and dear to my heart, and it WILL happen eventually, regardless of how many years it may take.

I am sorry for the short notice, as well as how I completely abandoned both you and these stories. This was never my intention. I have been struggling with depression for many years, and it has greatly affected my writing, often debilitating me to the point of not writing for months or even years on end. It comes and goes, and while it could certainly be a lot worse, it often isn't easy. I am only realizing now, however, that it affects more than just me. This has affected my friends, both former and current... I am sorry for pushing all of you away, whether directly or otherwise. It has also affected my family, seeing as all members worry greatly about my well-being. It has caused me to disappoint my most recent employer, something I will regret for the rest of my life. And finally, it has affected those of you who were dedicated enough to come back to my stories time and time again. I can't apologize enough to all of you.

And so, with that apology, I also give you a promise: that one day you will see these stories and many others fully published. Come back to this page (MY PROFILE PAGE) every so often, perhaps once a year, to check on any possible updates. Well, at least do this until I have an official site to call my own.

Thanks everyone. You have no idea how important you have been -- I can clearly recall several moments when, feeling down, I would look back at my stories which had been abandoned and would see that some of you were still reading and commenting! Such an uplifting experience, when I believed that all had forgotten about me, will stay with me forever. It is because of you that I even enjoy doing this. Thank you so much.