Cupid's Crossbow

A bright and breezy day
In a sun-kissed metro park,
Kids littering the playground
And a couple on a park bench.
Cuddling in the sun
While pigeons scuttled on the ground before them.

A man,
In his early twenties and fresh from college,
A greenhorn when it came to women,
A child still growing in his mind,
Dressed in a sweater and slacks
A brown scarf and a toboggan,
And a Mickey Mouse watch
Given to him by his girl.

His girl,
Just turning nineteen and still in college,
Experienced and well-versed in the art of Yoga,
Twelve times read-thru the Kama Sutra.
Clothed in black baggy canvas pants
With a black halter top and purple jacket,
Countless piercings in her ears and eyebrows,
And a black onyx ring
Given to her by her man.

They met in the most peculiar place,
A rock show in a back alley shop.
It was the guy's drunken stupor that brought him in
And the girl's sex-crazed nature that lured him.
He came over to her without a pickup line,
Talked physics and indie rock,
While she sat back and listened,
Then left with him after the show.
They went back to her place,
And after he left he returned,
Everyday afterwards with flowers
And the girl enjoyed every visit.

For two years they've seen each other,
Closer than any of the stars in the sky,
Tied together by the invisible handcuffs
Of love and faith in that love's stability.
They spend tender moments of the day
And rambunctious, wild adventures at night
Together as always
As if they were attached at the hip.

The couple sat together on the bench in the park,
And lean in for a subtle kiss,
After cuddling so closely and comfortably,
While watching the pigeons fly.
Their warm lips touch each other,
And reaffirm how much love they share,
As the sun beams down upon them
Baking their kiss making it all the sweeter,
Even if the picture of them together
Reminded some of Yin and Yang
And others of Picasso.

"Two love birds" I say to myself,
"Yet only one stone to cast".
Nudging the rifle with my neck,
I took aim and pulled the trigger,
And let cupid's arrow fly.