Debated and Glued

The empty spot on the wall

I see from my position

on the floor carries me

to a scene of creation...

The room was a mess

I tore at least five hundred published pictures

apart, strategically

they were strewn about;

ambers and all shades of flames,

all shades of myself, and


I now look up for a visual reference,

and I remeber

it's with you now

I gave it away

to you

I debated and glued and


and mixed and schemed.

It was a masterpiece

that no one would understand

but you.

And you...

You didn't even notice it

Well should I instead

have just poured myself into a cup

and offered it to you to drink?

You don't seem thirsty anymore.

Scissors, paper, glue,

color, oil pastel

I gave it to you

You said 'It's interesting.'

It's interesting.

That part of the wall will

always look bare.