I wish I could have been there the night that you died

I'm sure the heavens sang a sweet song of goodbye

Never did I imagine the conclusion of this day, like any other

You left me behind, unable to recover

I'm sure you held the blade steady against your trembling arm

I doubt you thought of this of the end

After all, it was a day like any other

When the pain rushed through your body did you shutter?

When you saw the blood pooled around your arms did you grow afraid?

Did you try to call out?

Did you try to get help?

What did you think in those last few moments of life?

All your regrets must have passed through your mind

As your breath grew shorter did you wish for a release?

Did you try to reconcile all of your sins?

When that last cold breath blew up from your lungs I'm certain you cried

As the final tear rolled down your cheek you smiled

You said, "Goodbye, I'm finally going to be free"