Chucky Cheese party with Jesus Christ
I said –
Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch
You know:
He really likes to hang around
And when I'm with him I can win forever!

Slap your face, slap your face, honorary man
The disco ball's still turnin' with the sermon
We still have a lot to talk about
Jesus, Jesus: Foma, Foma

Pray to God and dance along
Oust the icky Satan with his staff three-pronged
Bellow out your soul at the top of your lungs
Singing, "Foma, Foma, Foma, Foma!"

Chucky Cheese party with Jesus Christ
Celibate, humble, all things nice
We give it a symbol – we give it a clown
Icons and ideas to dance with Foma all around

We sport the slim grin