Night had fallen. The streets of the small town were empty and dark, lit only by the dim glow of the quarter moon, hanging luminescent in the sky.

In his bedroom a small boy sat at the foot of his bed staring fixedly at something infront of him. A tiny model airplane. As he stared it began to tremble, to rock.. The nose lifted slightly and dropped, clinking softly as it hit the wood panels of the floor.

The child frowned. Narrowing his eyes, which never left their position he extended his left palm, face up and curled his fingers, beckoning. Still shaking, unsteadily, the plane slowly rose into the air. It hovered for a moment, then began to ascend, moving in perfect synchronization with the child's hand.

Soon it was zooming around the room, preforming all sorts of complicated maneuvers, while the boy clapped his hands and laughed, delighted with his accomplishment.

Outside the window a dark figure loomed, watching. It had the indistinct shape of a man, but cloaked in shadow its features were indistinguishable except for the cruel smile that hung on it's lips.

Oblivious to the presence of emminent danger the child continued his game of making the airplane swoop around his head, bouncing with excitement everytime it changed direction.

Suddenly his eyes shot up as a gust of wind blew the window open. The plane plummeted to the floor, its tiny structure shattering in the crash. The boy didn't seem to notice. Cautiosly he approached the open window, pausing at the sill to peer out into the gloom. A cool breeze swirled past his into the small room, but nothing else. Convinced everything was normal again, the child raised himself on the tips of his toes and reached out to close the shutters.

Just as he was about to replace the latch he was knocked back by an invisible force that threw him against the far wall. A man materialized in front of him; tall and menacing. His eyes were an unnatural shade of grey that glittered malevolently in the faint light, remiding the boy of the evil spirits he'd heard about in stories.

The man smiled sadistically and stepped towards the frightened child, who shrank back as though hoping to make himself smaller. From all over the room objects rose from their usual stationary positions and propelled themselves at the enemy, only to stop inches away from him and fall uselessly back to the floor. Laughing softly he continued his advance, slowly extending his right hand which became surrounded by a pale blue light.

As he drew nearer the light's pulse grew stronger and suddenly with alarming speed it elongated and shot out at the boy, wrapping itself around his body and lifting him, struggling off the floor.

Terrified, he opened his mouth to scream, but was prevented by an unseen hand closing around his throat, sharply cutting off his air supply. The man watched silently while his victim's fingers scrambled frantically in search of a way to free himself and finding nothing. Tears and sweat streamed down his face as he choked and gasped in desparate attempt to bring air to his strangulated lungs. The tiny chest convulsed violently and his eyes rolled back into thier sockets.

At last, with a final gutteral cough that rought up a spurt of blood, the child's body slackened and dropped back onto the wooden floor in a lifeless heap. The blue glow faded and a thin streamof silver mist rose from the child's mouth and hovered over his slackened form, before it disappeared into the man's fingers. His grey eyes flashed gold as the shimmery substance was absorbed.

He was gone before the screams began.