Author's Note: A story inspired by the author who wrote The Vampire Chronicles—Anne Rice.


Summary: All her life, Dawn wanted to become a Vampire, a prowler of the night, an undying immortal. And at last, her dream came true. During a midnight party, she was abducted by 'the shadow', only to find out that they loved humans more than one can imagine, and they want to keep Dawn the way she is. But that's not what Dawn wants, and to become a full vampire, she's willing to go as far as seducing one of The Queen's children. But even if she succeeds, will she be able to pay for the price?


Chapter One

Meeting the Vampires

Beta-Reader: Chi


She bit her lips, and tore the skin away with her teeth, then spat it out. Slowly, blood oozed, as she sucked hard on it and drank the little blood she managed to draw from herself. She looked in the mirror and sighed. There were scars all over her lips from the bites she gave herself daily.

"But this isn't enough…" She muttered. "This isn't enough… vampires drinks mouthfuls at once and they won't hesitate to slash their own throat if they had to… while me, this pitiful creature, all I can do is pinch my lips! I want to become a real, full vampire!" She banged her head on her bed as she took out a pocketknife and put the edge against her throat.

Her hand trembled as she told herself to press it down.

But she couldn't. She knew she would die. And she can't let that happen yet.

"I can't…" She murmured at last, letting her arm drop. "I can't! If only I've been given the blood of the immortal! Then I'd do it!" She opened her window and screamed with all her might. "IF THERE ARE ANY VAMPIRES OUT THERE, COME OUT AND TAKE ME AWAY! I GIVE MYSELF TO YOU! TAKE ME AWAY!!"

"Shut up and let us get some sleep!"

"Quiet before I call the cops!"

A few more snaps came back at her.

She sighed and collapsed to the ground. "As if vampires would ever come to a town like this…"

Ten years later…

The grown woman took the same pocketknife and slashed it across her arms without hesitation and pressed her mouth on the wound and drank her own blood. Now this was more like it. After ten years, it had not been for nothing. She had perfected herself by much, even if she looked pale—oh well, vampires are pale too—and needed to go to the hospital for blood constantly.

The blood didn't taste that good, it tasted sort of mechanical… maybe a tiny bit salty but other than that nothing special, but to this taste she told herself to crave, because if she could be a mortal vampire, and prove that she was ready, maybe, someday, a real vampire would come and decide to make her into one of them.

"Oh God, Dawn!"

The woman looked up at the disgusted girl by the door. "Hello." She said coldly, trying to put as much fire into her eyes as possible. Vampires also had powerful gazes.

"God you're gross." The girl replied pushing back her long, pink and black hair. "I hate this smell of blood; you're ruining your room and you're killing yourself."

"Leave me alone." Dawn muttered as she went back to drink from her arm.

"Stop it!" The girl cried yanking Dawn's dizzy head backwards. "Stop being stupid, you're cutting yourself, and drinking your own blood. Doesn't something seem wrong here? Your blood is being digested! You're not a vampire yet! The blood you drink doesn't go straight to your veins! You digest it and probably pee it all out later. Stop drinking and go clean yourself up, or I'm calling your parents up right now."

Dawn rolled her eyes and stood up, only to fall against her friend, Lissa. "Sorry." She said bitingly trying to be strong. "Floor's a bit slippery."

"Slippery my ass. You're acting no different from a suicidal bitch."

"Wrong. They want to die, I simply want to lure Death here so I may live forever."

"Right." Lissa rolled her eyes. "Anyway we're going to a party tonight, as I have tried to tell you last night when you were busy biting your arm off, it's Ryle's birthday and we're gon' have fun at the wrong part of town." She winked. "No cops, unlimited alcohol and free pot."

"Don't care." Dawn replied, stripping off her cloth.

"Ryle may have a crush you…" Lissa sang innocently, twirling around.

"Good for him." She buckled on her bra and searched for a black tank top and short skirt.

"He's the most popular guy in school for Christ's sakes!"

"That's nice." Lissa threw her the clothes she was looking for as Dawn began to dress.

"He's a vampire."

"Really?" Dawn blinked and stopped dressing halfway. "He is? How'd you know? Did he try to drink your blood? Did you see him trying to—"

"Shut up and get a life. Vampire. Don't. Exist."

"Fuck ass bitch thinking this is so fucking hilarious that my fucked up life is something you can just shit around with…"

Lissa laughed. "Funny. But if you cared a bit less about the supernatural and more about the real world and perhaps just a bit more about real life, you wouldn't have to be offended daily."

Dawn sat down on her bed and looked at her friend coldly trying to knock her unconscious with the power of her eyes, though she felt more like passing out herself. "That's it, I'm not going to this fucking party."

"Hey! You promised!"

"I promised nothing."

"Don't give me that attitude, it's not going to work and you know it."

Dawn sighed. She really didn't feel like she has the strength to argue. "Yeah, and if I get raped tonight, it's all your fault."

"Pcha. Maybe that's what you need. To be raped. To have some real-life conscience knocked into you." Lissa took Dawn's black jacket for her. "C'mon let's get the fuck out before your parents realize that their darling girl ain't going to no university graduation."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Hit the road."

The two of them arrived at the party an hour later. It was in the middle of nowhere, but because it was so dark, they could've been on top of an iceberg and Dawn wouldn't have noticed.

The minute they arrived, Ryle came by and rested his arm around Dawn's shoulder.

She didn't give damn. She simply kept walking as if he weren't there. He offered her a beer and she took it carelessly as if she were taking it from a table, then drank everything in one gulp. Now she can blame her dizziness on the beer.

Lissa looked at her, then at Ryle, who gave her a stern look that told her to scram. She nodded vigorously, not wanting to piss him off, and left to find some other hot guys she can get it on with.

"Enjoying the party, babe?"

"I feel nothing."

"Sure you do. This party's wild. And the way you drink, that's wild too. And you know what baby, I like wild girls, they turn me on."

"Nice to know. Didn't ask. I get the same feeling when I drink too much of my own blood."

"Yeah, you're one weird chick, that's for sure, but I think you're hot, I think you're worth it."

Finally, she gave him a long, peering glance. "I'm not interested in you. I'm only interested in vampires." With that, she gulped down another can of beer.

"See that's one thing I don't get about you. Here you are, can practically get any guy out there, and yet you're interested in some pale gothic freak, jus—"

"Vampires, are not freaks." She growled, and then pushed away from him, giving him a dirty look. "If you dun lie 'em, en I dun lie you." She suddenly felt very unsteady the minute her supporter was gone.

Ryle smirked. "See, baby, you can't even talk properly now, poor thing… so you see, you need me, as much as I need you… come give me a hug…" He inched forward to the drugged girl who could hardly even see properly by this time.

"Ugggh…" She groaned falling onto the ground. Ryle walked up and picked her up into his arms.

"Let's go to somewhere quiet…" He said with a grin.

Dawn didn't complain. She couldn't complain

She is very interesting. A mortal craving the life of a vampire. Truly exquisite… It is often here that a vampire would crave to be mortal again after so long, yet it is rare to see someone so determined to become a vampire for long… This is definitely the once in a lifetime chance… she will, be mine… The moonlight dimmed when the shadow walked under it. The star stopped shining when the shadow whipped by. The atmosphere shivered whenever the shadow passed. The shadow followed the two at unimaginable speed, while almost floating slightly in the air. After such long years, the shadow has learnt a way to reduce the body density, allowing the shadow to float off the ground, or sometimes even in the sky.

The shadow knew something horrifying was to happen to the girl, but the shadow didn't care. Anything human was none of its business. All it cared was that this boy doesn't kill the girl, or at least leave a half-alive body to the shadow.

"Baby, you don't understand how hot you are…" Ryle laid Dawn down on the cold ground. Music from the party blared loud from a distance.

Dawn turned over on her side, feeling ready to vomit. "God, I 'eel 'orrible…"

"Yes, I know, deary…" Ryle said with a wicked smile. "Let me make you feel better then…" His hand traveled up her leg, up, and up, and up, bringing her short skirt up till it met up with her top. Together, he pushed both her clothing off. Gently, he began to kiss her lips, then slowly to her neck, then the top of her breast.

Dawn groaned and twitched a bit. "Wha ya doin'?"

"Nothing, you just relax and enjoy this, can you do that for me?"

Dawn didn't reply, she couldn't think straight enough to reply.

The shadow stood there, with infinity of patience. The guy could do it slowly, or he could do it fast. To the shadow it didn't really matter. As long as the body was the shadow's in the end.

Ryle ripped off her bra and kissed her nipples.

Dawn said nothing.

In reality she couldn't think, but to him, he thought she was enjoying it.

Well, this is easier than I thought. He grinned as he stripped off her underwear; a wild, perverse laugh came out of his mouth.

But it was then Dawn realized something was wrong. Suddenly her eyes opened and she screamed. In a frantic panic she brought her leg up and kicked him right in the balls.

Ryle gritted his teeth in pain and fell onto his knees. "Why you sneaky little bitch…" he cursed. "Hold still you fucking slut!" He jumped forward and pinned her shoulders down.

Dawn stared with wide eyes and struggled for all she was worth. She kicked, scratched, bit, everything she could do, but he was too strong for her, and soon got her pinned down with her chest on the ground.

"I didn't want you to suffer too much pain, so I thought drugging you might be the best way… but thinking about it now, maybe with you conscious it would be even better…"

Dawn managed to lift her face off the ground. "Fuck you." She spat in his face.

His laughter turned into fury. He brought his hand up and slapped her hard across the face.


He wiped the spit off with a smug look. "For that, you're not walking out of here alive tonight."

To the shadow, that sentence provoked it. It suddenly appeared almost at the speed of lightning and pinned Ryle to the wall by the neck.

Ryle didn't even know what happened, one minute he was ready to rape a woman, the next, was pinned right on a wall by the neck. "A-aack…" he choked, gasping in shock. "W-who…"

"You shouldn't have made that threat… If you didn't say you were going to kill her, I would've let you live… but now, now it's too late… I need her… I must show her to The Queen… and you're the obstacle in the way…"

"H-Hel… help…"

"Help? That's a word I haven't used in a long time, for I do not ask for help, and I do not give help." Without warning, the shadow pressed his hand tightly against the wall and Ryle's neck completely exploded as his head fell down beside his feet. The headless body hit ground seconds after the head.

The shadow did not mind the blood and gore that was all over its hand. It simply shrank it back into the black cloak's baggy and long sleeve. The shadow walked over to Dawn who watched the whole situation with a horrified expression.

The shadow began walking towards her as she began backing up.

"I'm not going to hurt you." It declared.

"K-Keep, keep away from me…" She pleaded. Seeing the long hood hanging way down over his face was scaring her. She thought he was the Grim Reaper.

"I killed him for you, I will not kill you…"

The monotone in its voice really wasn't helping.

"Please, I am very grateful, but just leave me now!" But before her sentence was gone, she was already in the shadow's arms, the black fabric surrounding her. "Ah!" She gasped. "H-How…"

"Speed, is all but an illusion. Hang on tight."

"No, leave me alone…"

"Haven't you always wanted to be a vampire? Well, tonight, your wish just might come true…"

That got Dawn interested. Suddenly, she stopped shaking, she stopped struggling. A creepy calmness came over her. She threw her head back. "A vampire…?"

"Yes, a vampire."

She laughed crazily, thinking about her all time dream finally coming true. "Take me, Blood Hunter of the Night."

"It is not up to me to make such decisions. I must first take you to my Queen."

"Queen?" She laughed. "You're the all powerful, God of Darkness, who must you obey?"

A scowl came unto the shadow's face—or at least that's what Dawn felt. "If that is your vision of a vampire, then I will drop you here, for if you wish to become one, you must agree to obey The Queen."

"A vampire obeys no one." She declared with a smirk.

The shadow shook her gently, which to her was like as if he tried shaking her head right off. "LISTEN TO ME YOU ISOLENT HUMAN! YOU WILL OBEY HER!"

"Ah!" She cried in surprise and pain. "Okay, okay…" she quivered a bit. "I swear eternal loyalty to your Queen… please, just make me a vampire now!"

"It is not in my blood to do such a thing, only The Queen can…"

She wrapped her arms around him in pleasure. "Take me to her, then."

"Of course." And the shadow flew into the night, with a young girl clinging onto him, laughing wickedly.

They landed in a graveyard. A deserted graveyard where dead bodies are rotten and gravestones are dead. "My queen, I have brought a new addition."

There was no one there. Dawn wondered why. But as soon as the words left the shadow's lips, a gust of wind came, blowing Dawn off her feet, and the next moment when she was up, the "Queen" was there.

She had long, smooth and shiny black hair that reached to the ground, bright red lips, mortifying white face with fiery eyes. She wore a black and red light and devilish robe that hung off her shoulders and reached to the ground, forming spiky disturbing images no matter how leisurely they lay. "Have you brought the replacement?" She asked with a tone of hiss.

"Yes." The shadows bows, then lifted Dawn off the ground and handed her to The Queen as if she were a present.

The Queen studied her. "You are aware what is to happen to you?"

"Yes." Dawn nodded vigorously. "Yes, I am aware, and I am prepared. Please, do it now. I've waited all my life for this." She tilted her neck to one side, and offered her exposed neck to The Queen.

The Queen smiled little, but ignored her and walked up to the shadow. "What have you done to her?"

"Only taken her to you, my Queen."

"She is naked. Have you done what is forbidden? You know what your job is, and no more."

"No, of course I do my Queen!" He explained frantically. "I have not disobeyed you. I have found her while she was about to be raped. I tried sparing the other man, but he had threatened to kill her, which is why—"

The Queen laughed. "Do not be silly. I was only asking. You still do not trust in my ability to read minds?"

"No, it's not that—"

"That's enough. When I ask questions, the moment you make the effort to answer, I already know from your mind."

The shadow hung its head low. Yes, my Queen.

The Queen walked back to Dawn who inched more towards her, urging her to begin the procedure.

The Queen touched her neck and sighed, as a small chuckle left her lips. "You're the first to ever accept this. Most of the others are terrified during this stage…"

Dawn smiled. It is good then, my Queen.

"Ah," she appeared delighted. "Though you're human, you have more sense than the shadow who has followed me since the beginning…"

The shadow scowled. Not at The Queen, but at Dawn.

"You're a rare mortal… like none I've seen before…" She walked past Dawn. "Which is why I will keep you this way."

Dawn blinked. "WHAT?!?!"

"Ah-ah-ah… you broke the rule…" The Queen said gently with a smile.

Dawn shook her head. Sorry, but what do you mean?

"I like the way that you are, you're to stay the way you are." She waited for no response before turning to the shadow. "You have done well for me, but please track down another replacement. This one we will keep the way she is. Inform all else she is not to be touched, not to be made into a vampire and not to be drank from—you will all treat her the way you treat me."

Yes, my queen. The shadow replied.

The Queen turned to walk away.

"WAIT!" Dawn cried.

The Queen turned around, took off her robe and threw it at Dawn. "Keep yourself covered. You're precious."

What about you? I mean, you're now… you're… you're…

"Naked?" She laughed softly. She leaned down and ran her sensual fingertips gently down Dawn's face and down her neck. "So are you, my dear." She gave one last side-smile and turned to the shadow. "You're dismissed, Vek Li."

Yes, my Queen.

And at a speed too fast to be seen by the naked eye, she was gone.

Dawn stepped into The Queen's robe, but left the front unzipped. She walked up to this 'Vek Li' and gave a little smirk as she sized it up. "You are a male, right?"

"Yes." He replied, irritated that he could not snap back at her for she was now precious to The Queen.

"Li Vek… So much for trying to be cool calling yourself 'The Shadow', huh?" She giggled with mockery.

He did not move. The long coat still ran down to the floor covering his body, and the hood hung nearly to his neck. A growling sound was heard as he turned his face to her. Or it seemed that way for his hood was still down. "Do not dare call me that. Only The Queen has that right. I am the shadow to you. And by the way, it's the shadow, not The Shadow. I am not an identified thing, I am simply another shadow in the dark alley."

"But I am like The Queen now aren't I, for it certainly seems she favours me…" Dawn said the words proudly, though she could not deny the ache and irritation that pounded in her heart about how she still remained mortal even after so long.

"FOOL! How dare you speak this way? How dare you compare yourself to The Queen?!?!"

Dawn laughed for she knew as mad as she was making "the shadow", he could do nothing to her. Indeed, she found him quite amusing… and it seemed pretty obvious that he has been with The Queen long… if The Queen knew the secret to making a vampire, she guessed that he did too. Leaning forward, almost touching her exposed breasts to him, she whispered into the hood, "Do you find me attractive, the shadow?" She asked softly, emphasizing his name.

"I see no one but The Queen." He grumbled.

"Well, that may change sometime soon…" She giggled. "I need you to be attracted to me, because I need a favour from you."

"I see no one, but The Queen." He repeated.

"That's what you say now…" She said laughing to herself. "I have attracted many men to me, and I doubt you will be any different… What I want, is always what I get…"

"For example Ryle?"

Dawn paused. But the fact that he almost raped her and that he was killed no longer disturbed her when she is among the lives of vampires. "Yes, he is one of the many." She pressed her body closer to him. "You can have me now, if you want…" She whispered.

"I am not interested in what you have to offer, mortal."

"I'm hurt. You've rejected me."

"Get used to it. You mean nothing to me, mortal."

"I have a name…"

"Like how I am only a shadow in the world, you're only a mortal. Only The Queen, is The Queen, someone that matters."

"How loyal." Dawn commented. Then she stepped back. "Remember this, Vek, when I want something from someone, I will get it."

"What do you want from me?"

"Something The Queen has refused."

He laughed softly, but there was no mirth in his laughter. "I will not disobey The Queen."

Dawn nodded seriously. "That's what you think now."

"It's not what I think, it's what I know."

"Do not be so sure of yourself, Vek."

"My name, is the shadow." He bit out. And with a wave of his long black sleeve, he was gone into the night, probably off to find 'the replacement', whatever that meant.

Dawn threw her hands into the air and laughed crazily. A lightning stoke a grave nearby and lit her bare chest, a furious wind blew against her, sending her hair and cloak flying back and high into the air. Yet she just laughed.

Though she cared nothing for The Queen since The Queen granted her nothing, it was good to be favoured by top authority. It helps.

Instead, she kept laughing in amusement every time she thought of the shadow. She touched one of her hand on her lips and the other across her chest. The wind was strong and blew The Queen's robe almost vertically up into the air above her head, only staying onto her body by the sleeves. For all the good the robe did with the help of the wind, she might as have just stayed completely naked. Wouldn't have made much of a difference anyways.

Dawn plucked out a grave and stuck her hand in to it to pull out rotting pieces of bones that she threw out. Her hands are now dirty with earth and dead flesh, but she didn't mind. Disturbing was no longer a word that held any meaning. She's now on a vampire's turf, and she's got to learn to act like one, if she wants to be properly prepared.

Her dream has finally half come true, and though that was not enough for her, it was enough excitement for tonight.

There was no one around, only the gravestones, the dead corpses, lightning that's dangerously close to her and the wind that's making her naked. She did not mind. The Queen would never leave her alone, so for tonight, the world—at least the world of darkness—was hers. She jumped in the grave where she had just gotten rid of the bones and took off the cloak completely and laid it on top of the gravestone.

As Dawn drifted off with the happiest feeling she has had in a long time, she thought of ways to tempt the shadow or The Queen. Either one was fine, as long as one of them makes her a vampire.

Another round of wind came, lifted the edges of the thin robe off the gravestone, revealing the name Raye Illuvian, with a single number '0' carved in beneath.

Dawn hummed to herself and felt that the graveyard comforted her, and found that being nearly raped was almost exciting. What a twisted mind… But she simply laughed at her thoughts. I'm living a different life now… She laughed again. If Lissa thought I was disturbing before, what would she think of me now? She smiled but didn't imagine any longer. She laid flat on her back and found herself almost wishing that some men would walk by the graveyard tonight and get a nosebleed by staring at her body. What an exciting thought…

Somewhere far away, another naked figure watched with amusement. "Definitely the most special mortal I have ever came in contact with…"


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Author's Note: Okay, even I have to admit, this is probably one of the most disturbing stories I've ever written, but somehow it intrigues me. I guess it's kinda sick but I suppose we all need some absurdity in our lives. If you find this wrong you don't have to read on, but I don't think the next couple of chapters will be as bad as this one.

4551 Words. Longer than I originally planned. I probably got too caught in it. ;)