A.N. - Doesn't everyone at one time wish to be a child again? I still do.

Storming the Pillow Fort

The password has long since been lost
amid the vroom cars and building blocks
that made up what once was
a very strong battlement.

The teddy bear army had fled in fear
the onslaught of the tax collectors.
Expectations lay siege to imagination
and watch as it wastes away.

Crotchety professors blowing hot air
repel the PB & J offensive.
The sticky-fingered general falls
face-first into a pile of paperwork.

Watch the treehouse as it burns,
flames licking away the carved initials
of those who shall never be here again.

The bicycles have acquiesced to cars,
loud engines and exhaust clouding thoughts
once so crystal-clear, yet all too fleeting.

Money has lured the once faithful fighters
to back unforgivable causes in the name of nothing.
The T-ball team has laid down their gloves
and headed off to the bar for a round or two
to forget the battles given up without realization.

The war was lost before it was declared.