Past within Pages


Full Summary:

Jaden was living the perfect life until one day when his world is turned upside down. He was just walking through the library, not looking for anything in particular, when he comes upon a book that catches his attention. This book will lead him to the love he lost many years before and so much more, if he can ever find her.

Okay so here is how this story goes. It will jump throughout from one story to another. Another words there is a story within the story that certain chapters will be written in. You will understand more as you read.

Jaden is the main character and then Riley is the female character. There are other smaller characters such as a crazy house cleaner. I hope this helps and makes things clearer. Any question feel free to ask.

Chapter 1

Jaden walked through the library carefully as though he did not want to be noticed or heard by anyone. He was lonesome on this cold and stormy evening. He many times had found serenity within the smells of old leather bound books. He scanned the rows and rows of books with precision. His fingers finding the binding of the book he slid it out carefully, but then when it was not what he was looking for he forced the book back into place with a little anger in his fingertips.

He came upon the section marked International Romance. Romance not being his normal forte, he found it appropriate for his lonely soul. He ran his fingertips along the book until he found one that seemed interesting. He placed it in his palms carefully as he slid his callused hands over the cover.

Jaden read the title aloud, "Whispering Willows and Palm Trees by Aysel." He closed his eyes against the vivid, painful memories of what that name had done to him, so long ago.

There in the library amongst the smell of books and binding, he was taken back to what seemed like a past life. Jaden struggled to stay on his feet as he walked over to a nearby table and sat down in one of the plush chairs.

Prologue: Whispering Willows and Palm Trees

The wind blew across the lover's faces as they ran along the beach. The water rolling in tickled their bare feet with each step they took. The only thing left behind them was the footprints of where they had been. The tide swept away the memories of the footprints, but neither water nor time could wipe away the memories of a lost love.

Jaden could not help but read although he didn't want to continue. His fingers flipped through the pages gracefully and quickly. He wanted nothing more than to sit in the silence and continue reading the book until it was done.

Out of breath, the lovers stopped and watched the fading sunset in the distance. Holding hands, they sat beneath the palm trees and waited. Waited for what they did not know. Waiting for a miracle to happen, maybe. Waiting for everything to be okay, maybe, which they both knew it was never going to be the perfect life they had dreamed of. But what was perfect anyway? Could they ever achieve the perfection they so desired, but for that one moment in time nothing mattered. So they sat under the palm trees as the night faded past them.

His mind running with thoughts he kept reading. 'Her,' he whispered into the silence. 'Why,' he said in a voice barely audible for his own ears. 'Her...why her?'

After two hours of reading Jaden finally flipped through to the last page and finished the story. He let out a sigh, closed the book, and looked around the room solemnly. People were beginning to file out of the library in small numbers. However, he couldn't find the strength to move his tired feet. He checked his watch and frowned at the woman sitting across from him.

She was very small and petite with long brown hair and glasses. She was consumed in her book and never looked up at him. He stared at the ceiling for a while before picking up the book and heading toward the check out table. He smiled at the older woman who was placing books onto to a shelf a few feet away. She was overweight and her hair had turned gray as it does with age. She waddled over to the table and began scanning the book.

"Here is a twenty. I want to buy this book." He smiled at her, but dropped his smile quickly when she threw him an angry look.

"Sorry Sir, but I can't let you do that," she said sweetly an under current of venom underlying the sweet tone.

"But I really need this. Look I will give you a hundred dollars."


He laid a hundred-dollar bill on the counter and gave her another debonair smile. She pushed the book forward, leaned over the counter a little, and smiled at him, showing a few missing teeth. He stepped back a little when her repulsive breath fell upon his face.

"Well let's just say that you "donated" this money to the library and you can have that book." She placed the book in his hand and smiled up at him again, flashing her heavy and thick mascara eyelashes in a flirty way. He secretly cringed inside and left the library.

Once outside Jaden stared at the sky. The rain had begun to fall harder and was soaking him in its fury. He ran quickly to his car and jumped inside.

Once he had drove through traffic back to his apartment his mind was too loaded with thoughts to do anything he had set out to do that night. Laundry, phone calls, work, cleaning all of that could wait.

He looked around his apartment; where no noise was heard. 'The sound of a beautiful wife and children's laughter would never grace my presence in this apartment,' he thought to himself.

He moved to his bathroom where he dried his hair and arms before moving to the closet. His body was wet, cold, and shivering before he finally finished changing and made his way into the living room.

Jaden placed himself in front of fireplace, which he had just lit, and stood back to watch the logs burn. The warmth from the fire blew across his face and warmed his body as nothing else could.

He stood and made his way into the kitchen where he searched for something to curve his aching and hungry stomach. His answering machine flashed with ten messages, and he secretly wanted to delete them all and forget they ever existed, maybe even forget the world existed.

However, the world did exist and there was no way to get rid of it. The world and all its glory could not suppress the desire in his heart to get away. He wanted adventure and excitement.

Jaden stared at the book; which happened to be lying in front of him on his dinning room table. After debating in his mind what to do, he picked up the book and ran to his room.

While holding the book between his arm and stomach, he grabbed his suitcase off the top shelf of his closet and began stuffing clothes into it.

Jaden grabbed his cell phone and began dialing numbers once he had packed a sufficient amount of clothes into the tiny suitcase along with the book.

"Air Europe how may I help you," A sweet older voice on the other line said.

"Yeah I need a flight to London tonight. Hurry I don't have much time."


I am not sure how many of my faithful reviewers have read this story, but I brought it back because I really like this story and so desperately want to finish it. I think it started out good, but then I ran out of ideas so now I am back. PLEASE review and tell me what you think honestly.