Frail Friendship

Friendship cut short,

Going beyond betrayal,

Killing it, bleeding,

What was once so frail…

You talk bad about us,

You point out my every mistake,

And yet can't tell it to my face,

I don't know how much I can take,

You'll leave us for them,

Those who tell you nothing but lies,

Those who care nothing about you,

Those who ignore your cries,

Go on, stab my back,

I dare you to tear me apart,

Try to just cut my throat,

Just like from the start,

Slit my wrists, kill me,

Attempt to make me cry,

Not like you can anyways,

I'll never make a wish to die…

Friendship cut too short,

Going beyond betrayal,

Killing, bleeding,

What was once so frail…

I don't really need you anyways,

And I won't let you pull me down,

Because I hate hiding the scars,

Every time problems come around,

I hate having to be something I'm not,

Don't point out my every mistake,

And when I begin to fall to pieces,

I'd rather you leave me alone to break,

I don't want your help, I don't need it,

Biting back tears wishing to run,

I'd rather save myself before asking you,

I would rather come undone…

Friendship cuts burning,

Going beyond all other betrayal,

Killing, bleeding, tearing apart,

Friendship that is still frail…