No Longer Loving You

I still let you come to mind,

I don't know why I do,

Since I know you never loved me,

But I'm afraid I still love you,

I decided to let you go,

Because you always wore a mask,

And pretended you didn't know me,

Just so your friends wouldn't ask…

Just when I think you're forgotten,

You pull me back down,

It makes me cry as I suffocate,

Until I finally drown,

I feel like I'm lost in you,

And there's no escape anymore,

I feel like I'm falling in you,

Until I hit the floor…

I'm not good enough for your friends,

Apparently, I'm not good enough for you,

And I know you're not for me,

Even if I said I love you too,

I'm falling away from myself,

And further from your hand,

Deeper and deeper from you,

You'll never understand,

I won't let you become apart of me,

Your old photograph falls into gray,

No longer loving you,

I'll allow you to finally fade away…